What is Ares?

LogoThere are quite a few file sharing applications out there on the Internet these days. With all of them competing for our attention, it can be hard to notice an awesome little application like Ares. Ares is a totally free, open source file sharing app, similar to some of the ones you may have heard of in the past, but with a few noticeable differences that make it stand out from the crowd. Take a moment to read about this awesome piece of software, and you may just find a fresh, new way to do peer to peer file sharing that will leave the others in the dust. It’s simply that good.

What are the main features?

Ares compiles many different features into a suite of tools that simply gives you a better file sharing experience. You will be able to easily share our images, audio, video, applications, documents, and much more, simply, quickly, and easily. Ares supports both BitTorrent protocols and ShoutCast radio stations, so you will soon be getting all the content you could possibly want. Ares allows you to host your own chat rooms, or join others’, and either meet new friends, or have great conversations with friends you invite.

Download Speeds

One great way that Ares will improve your experience with File Sharing is with the incredibly fast download speeds you can attain. Ares accomplishes this through multisource downloading – an important feature that some file sharing applications leave out. Ares scans the community and finds many different sources for each file you download, allowing it to pull the data of the download from each individual source simultaneously, thus increasing the overall speed of the download. Faster download speeds mean that you will spend less time waiting for your content, and more time enjoying it.

Integrated Audio/Video Player

Ares’s built-in media player is what really makes it the comprehensive file sharing experience. Instead of having to download an entire file, only to find out it’s not what you wanted, or that it’s low-quality, you can just preview the files while the download is still in progress. This will save you countless hours of frustration, after a big download finishes and it turns out to be incorrect. You can also use this built in player to listen to all of your favorite ShoutCast Radio content!

Your own file library

Instead of leaving you to sort through all of your shared files on your own, Ares features a very nice, well-put-together file organization feature, meaning that all of your content will be organized into convenient categories. This is yet another crucial time-saving feature, as now you will not have to dig through endless folder trees to find one particular file.
All in all, Ares is the singular best File Sharing experience you will find anywhere on the internet. Jam-packed full of rich features, great graphical user interface, and easy to master controls, you will quickly begin to wonder how you ever managed with any other software. Ares P2P will take you to new heights of ease, and ruin all other apps for you, because it’s so addicting to use something that actually works the way it was intended.