Don’t like reading or simply want to see more of the interface? Then take a look at these screenshots!

Welcome Screen

This is the welcome screen as well as the Audio/Video player. At the bottom left you can see the controls for the media player as well as the button to access the playlist & shoutcast radio.


Your Personal Library

This is the file library. You can find all your downloaded files in here. They are automatically sorted by type (Audio, Video, Software, etc) when downloaded. On the top there is a search bar which allows you to search through your files library by using keywords. You can also sort the files you found by date, size, name, etc.


Music Search in Action

This is the file search tab. You come here to search for and download new files from the Ares library. The search has several narrowing options as well as filtering by keyword. You can search for several keywords at a time. All your new searches will be tabbed.


Ares Downloading a Song

This is the transfer tab. Here you can see all your active downloads and uploads. You can also see at what rate they are downloading and how much time/percentage is left until the download is complete.

List of Chatrooms

This is the chat tab. Here you can see all the current chat rooms that are available for you to join. You can sort the chat rooms by language, name, or availability.


After joining a chat room

This is how a chat room looks after you have joined it. It acts almost like every other instand messenger. You can see the people who are in the chatroom on the right.


Main Settings

The general setting tab allows you to tweak Ares, change proxy, change file storage location, change the skin, etc.


Windows 7 Theme for Ares

Windows 7 Theme for Ares


Os Theme

Os Theme

Mac Theme

Borravino Theme

Chat Setting

Chat Settings


You can arrange all your music into playlists just like in any other multimedia player. The playlist is accessible by clicking the button in the lower left menu.

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