BitTorrent Download Technology

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Technological advancement is one of the things that very many people are proud of in this world. Man has stopped using crude means of solving his problems and he is embracing very modern ways. Such methods have been very useful because the time that was sued to handle a big task has greatly been reduced. Tasks are also performed in the simplest and best ways possible. Simply, there is increased efficiency of operation. One of such fields that have received tremendous growth is the internet.

The 21st generation is now shifting its attention to the online platform. This is due to the number of applications that have been developed to facilitate running of a number of activities in the day to day operation. BitTorrent is one such kind of application or software that has received popularity all over the world. Simply, there are roughly over 170 million users of BitTorrent technology each and every month. The reason as to why this product has become this popular is its ability to attract the traffic flow internet.

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A Shift of Technology

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BitTorrent is a technology where the content being downloaded is obtained from a number of users all at the same time. It has been identified that there are a number of firms that are using this technology as a perfect tool for marketing. There is a number of monitoring logging firms that are using this technology to collect data that is in other cases used for marketing. This is because the type of data obtained is clearly known where it is useful and thus used for the purpose of marketing.

This was as per the research that was conducted by a group of computer scientists in Birmingham University. Under the team leader Dr. Clothia, it was quite clear that 10 different monitoring logging companies were identified as copyright. Some of them were security firms; others research labs while some were organizations for enforcement. Among the 10 companies, 6 were hard to identify because they used other third party firms to conduct the data collection for them. Up to now, it is not clear why the monitoring firms are obtaining the data from other people. However, it is clear that they might need it in the near future.

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Why Ares Galaxy is a Top Choice For File Sharing

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File sharing is not just about exchanging copyrighted songs or movies. It is carried out legitimately between people working together on a firm or during creative projects and people who wish to share their creative works. Peer-to-peer (P2P) process of file sharing is among the most convenient way of sharing files from one network to another, whether it is the internet, an institution network, or even a workplace network. This is a unique type of file sharing, where each computer on a particular network will function as both the server and client.

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What is Torrent Poisoning and How to Avoid It

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Torrent poisoning is the practice of uploading fake torrents sometimes employed by anti-piracy organizations for an attempt to gather the IP addresses of downloaders and to prevent the peer to peer sharing of copyrighted content. This act of deliberately sharing data with misleading file names using the BitTorrent protocol or corrupt data is used by BitTorrent users in order to get a”free-ride”, using clients such as BitThief. With this method, BitTorrent users are able to download content without reciprocal upload contributions.

Decoy insertion or content pollution is one method where a particular file’s corrupted versions are inserted into the network. This hinders users from finding a legit version and likewise increases the distribution of the corrupted file. A file is usually converted into another format by a malicious user polluting the uncorrupted files. The inserted file may have the same or similar metadata that may be indistinguishable from uncorrupted files.

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Main Features

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Ares Galaxy has exciting features that will surely make you take a second look if you may by chance simply ignore it in the past. This whole host of features worth looking at can make your peer 2 peer (P2P) file sharing experience a whole new experience. Take a peek at the revolutionary features that make all the difference.

Ares Galaxy comes with its own built in audio / video player system, so you can directly access and play any of the audio and video files in your library. The feature may not seem like much because of the availability of some really good free media players out there, but there’s a bit more to it. The playback feature allows you to preview the file you are searching for, by allowing you play a small portion of it, while it is still downloading.

Virtual Connections

Meet new virtual friends with the chat option built into the Ares galaxy software. You can visit chat rooms from all over the world and also start your own chat rooms with a mini profile set up, complete with avatar and personal messages, all handy within the chat settings tab, under the control panel.

Ares Galaxy VS xTorrent P2P

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Ares is a peer to peer program, a vehicle that lets information and files transmission from one computer to another. It has become one of the most popular P2P networks in the P2P file sharing industry. In a recent study, it actually is the second most popular and most likely will be the number 1 in its class in the near future with the continuous growth in peers and more development being introduced in the system. Being popular doesn’t necessarily mean being the best. For this reason, a comparative analysis of its performance against other networks is important for you to fully comprehend the value and benefits you can get when downloading and installing the most suitable program for your file sharing needs. A fairly new but equally popular program in the market today is Xtorrent P2P which is worth comparing to for this purpose.

When you browse in a store for a product, one of the first things to consider is the equivalent price you have to pay for the product. It is common knowledge that anybody wants a reasonable price for a product that serves you well. The same principle applies when selecting a good P2P network. Ares Galaxy is open source and is absolutely free to download and install. You can get Ares Galaxy and install it to your computer without any restrictions and immediately download files right after installation. Xtorrent P2P is paid software which requires you a $25 subscription fee.

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The BitTorrent Protocol

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BitTorrent is a P2P file sharing protocol utilized for distribution of bulk data over the Internet. It is among the most common protocols used to transfer large files, and it has been estimated to affect roughly forty three to seventy percent of all Internet traffic.

The protocol is being maintained by BitTorrent, Inc. owned by programmer Bram Cohen who has designed and released the protocol in 2001. Today, there are a number of BitTorrent clients in use for various computing platforms. With 150 million active users, BitTorrent has, on average, more active users than Facebook and YouTube combined.

The BitTorrent protocol can be utilized to decrease the network and server impact of large files distribution. The BitTorrent protocol enables users to participate in hosting activities such as downloading and uploading between users simultaneously rather than file downloads from just one source server.

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File Sharing – Then and Now (The History of File Sharing)

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In the early 1970’s through the 90’s files were shared on removable media. Peers gained access to remote files utilizing file system mounting, bulletin board systems, Usenet, and FTP servers. The Internet Relay Chat and Hotline allowed users to remotely communicate to exchange files and through chat. The mp3 encoding standardized in 1991, reduced audio files sizes and grew to be widely used in the late 1990s. In 1998, AudioGalaxy and were established, the first mp3 player devices were launched and the Digital Millennium Copyright Act was unanimously passed. provided music by unsigned artists which grew to deliver four million daily audio downloads.

Napster was released in June 1999, as an unstructured centralized peer-to-peer system, which required a central server for peer discovery and indexing. It is credited and considered the first peer-to-peer file sharing program. Napster is an online service provider that could not use DMCA’s “transitory network transmission” safe harbor. Many P2P products flunk this requirement just as Napster did. Napster offered a service where they stored and indexed file information that Napster users made available on their respective computers to enable other users to download; the files were directly transferred between the client users and the host after Napster’s authorization.

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What is Traffic Throttling? (P2P and BitTorrent Throttling)

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When you experience traffic throttling, you can feel frustrated when you are not able to download the right amount of files at the time you expect it. This can be compared to a road condition wherein automobiles get blocked in traffic and they are not able to reach their destination in time. Most of the time, these things cannot be helped.

When it comes to surfacing the internet, traffic throttling happens, on purpose. This is done with the attempt of Internet Service Providers (ISP) to throttle the use of bandwidth every time an end user visits some particular sites. ISP aims to support the flow of traffic towards related websites and away from their competitors and free sites.

There is a hidden motive behind traffic throttling and this is commercial in nature.  ISPs want end-users to pay for services that have been provided. They call it “traffic management”. End-users wants to exercise their rights while surfing the net by choosing how, what, where and when to download. They are not aware, though, that they are being led to sites driven by commercial interests.

Though some may look at Traffic Throttling in a negative way, it has its advantages that end-users can benefit from.

Most downloaded file sharing client for PC

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Most Downloaded P2P Clients Chart

µTorrent reigns as the most downloaded client on the PC platform. Windows users were sick of the bloatware and the spyware, viruses’ emanating from torrent downloads and this client has simplified the use due to its small footprint, non interference with other running programs, and simplicity of use. The µTorrent client displays a comprehensive window on which the progress of the download is displayed prominently. A graphical depiction at the bottom window displays the progress as well and individuals can choose the files from the total torrent content which they actually require while ignoring the rest. One can even play a video file through its streaming window while the download is still in progress. The user has a choice to kill the upload thereby increasing bandwidth on the ISP for download purposes alone. Limewire was its predecessor, but went into disuse after its promoters closed their website after copyright violation allegations. Frostwire is its immediate successor and retains the look of Limeware although structurally and utility-wise it has been modified to perform in a better manner. Other popular PC based file sharing clients are eMule, Bearshare, Bitlord, Bitcomet, Imesh, Shareaza, Cabos, Ares, DC++ and Vuze. The following graph depicts the install base of popular clients in terms of percentage on current machines with the PC platform.