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When efficacious programs reach the top and become popular, the inevitable urge by well-meaning tech savvy buffs to imitate successful programs prop up and just try to enhance an established formula. When Ares Galaxy went open source program, the expected move to use the source code for purposes of imitation was not far behind. One such imitation that came about is Ares Galaxy Lite whis is now publicly licensed.

Ares Galaxy Lite was designed and fine-tuned to the very basics to accommodate the smallest amount of CPU usage that it can possibly handle. It barely makes a mark on any small PC’s efficiency. It is quite hard to believe that Ares Galaxy became slimmer without losing some of its functions, but Ares Galaxy Lite managed to forge its way into the Ares Galaxy network. And now, even Ares Galaxy utilizes the same principals meaning Ares Galaxy Lite is no longer lighter. It isvery similar to Ares Galaxy’s latest version of.

While Ares Galaxy Lite may not provide a slimmer line program than Ares Galaxy, it still provides all the awesome features that made Ares Galaxy highly respected P2P client and a popular one at that. Still in the mix are the features of Arex Gallery just tapered a bit like the library, small size chat room feature, low memory usage, solid download connections, with in depth search engine and fast speeds.

While other break off programs and Ares Galaxy Lite continue to help build the overall Ares Galaxy network, doubts as to its functions are well scrutinized.  The breaks off programs have spawned their own fan bases and have helped to grow the overall Ares galaxy network. The continued growth can only be customized for Ares Galaxy, but, as always, be wary not to confuse the PRO ,Lite and other additions to the main Ares Galaxy that exists and that will allow any faults or bad experiences that one might encounter using them programs to remain with them.

There is a misconception that the Ares Galaxy Lite program has been scraped and that said files that are available through its search have less chance of contacting malicious content that could be potentially harmful for your PC.

This is merely  a claim and do not support real basis within any comparison between Lite Ares Galaxy and Ares Galaxy, standard version. So long as you have adequate anti-virus software, we can almost guarantee your complete safety downloading any file through Ares Galaxy that being said, there are people who will try to share files that will do your PC harm, to guard from that situation you need to make sure you are always properly protected.

Ares Galaxy will most likely behave having other issues trying to come up or better the existing software, yet it is notable that Ares Galaxy was formed in 2002 and has been a long standing P2P client ever since, while imitations will come and go, Ares Galaxy standard edition will remain strong.

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