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Ares for Mac OS XAres Galaxy is fast becoming a very popular and powerful P2P client that had always been available for windows operating system users, but today with a little help from another program, Mac users are able to get the same benefits from Ares Galaxy. It is not complicated nor particularly technical to set up especially so if you have been using the Mac OS X for a while.

There are different programs that allow you to use Windows applications on the Mac OS X operating system, but mostly charge you with quite a sum. There are options though for free projects and one in particular that stands out is Winebottler. This allows you to run Ares Galaxy on your Mac. Mac users have long been waiting for this and best of all is that it is absolutely free.

First download the latest version of Ares Galaxy and save it to your Mac operating system to a folder that is easy to find later. After that Google the Winebottler application from the website, download the Winebottler app to your Mac and then open the Winebottler folder. In there you find the wine app and the Winebottler app, and then drag both of them into the Mac applications folder.

Select the Winebottler application from your Mac application folder; the moment it opens you will have a list of the ‘prefix’ Windows applications. Once you have the install files, you can then use on your Mac. For instance there is a prefix for Microsoft windows word and if you have the word disc, then you could install word to your Mac and use it to open certain files you couldn’t use before or just use Word normally.

Now, for purposes of this paper, you want to get the ‘create custom prefix’ tab displayed. This will allow you to install the Ares Galaxy program. Once it is up, you need to look for the file, wherever you saved the Ares Galaxy install file before. Open it, click Create and you have your prefix opened.  You should be able to install Ares Galaxy.

You are finally able to use Ares Galaxy and be a part of a massive community base, meet new friends, download unlimited multimedia files and enjoy the great benefits that Ares Galaxy offers.  It sure is nice to know that Mac users will enjoy Ares Galaxy as much as the window users have enjoyed it over the last ten years.

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