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Ares Galaxy is a file sharing network and a community center rolled into one. Members are encouraged to give and receive or else, cease to be! Ares Galaxy value building a solid community of dedicated users and continuously enhances camaraderie and brings together its diverse virtual community.  It now offers a chat option where many users regularly participate. There is always and open chat rooms or channels to enter into and just in case you’re interested, you can even create your own room. Dig deeper and learn more about using Ares Galaxy chat rooms. Here is what you can do to gain more virtual friends.

Finding a Nickname

The first thing you will notice when using Ares Galaxy is the periodic appearance of a pop up box prompting you to create a nickname. Most users ignore this, specifically those who are not too keen in chatting. But if you are interested, this pop up box is your welcome mat to the chat rooms. Creating a nickname is the first step in chat.

You can begin chatting without going through this process. Ares will assign you a name like anon (short for anonymous) ending in a few random characters. Now if you’re not complaining, then this would be your chat nickname. This gets you in alright but would not give you anyone a hint to recognize you by.

Having a name to associate you with is one of the most significant factors in being a community member in Ares Galaxy. Open it now and create your nickname by clicking the Control Panel. Go to the Chat tab in the now opened Control Panel. You will see the area where you could type in your unique nickname. You are done as soon as you typed in the last letter of your nickname.

Chat Options

Ares Galaxy has avatars just like any online chat room.  Likewise, it has the capability to share information such as sex, age, and location you will find under the chat tab. And you have the option to fill in the blanks with information about yourself that you would like to share to the community. It is not required to fill in the requested information.

Under the information fields, you will view options for “Chat” and “Direct chat”. Direct chat lets other Ares users to send you message directly. This is useful if you have current communications with other users who may need to chat with you about some files you are sharing.  This section has options for whether “to allow” or “disallow” messages, and what to input for “away messages”. Under the regular chat options, you have the controlling option to view or not view certain objects. For instance, if you choose “block emotes”, the stylized smiley faces will never appear on your chat screen anymore.

Chat Rooms

After setting up your chat options, go to the top of the page to click Chat. A host of chat rooms will now be displayed. The shown chat rooms are currently active and. To join one, double click on its location. You will be then be instantly shown a room in the hub of conversation. You will also find chat rooms in foreign languages. If you speak all languages, help yourself and jumping right in. But before you do always check chat room topics to be sure you are in the same wavelength with other chatters.

If you find a good chat room that you feel you could get comfortable with, just click the room and join the buzz. Each chat room have its own guidelines and rules so be patient and carefully read what transpires so as to familiarize yourself with each room’s feel and trends. Here, you can just begin sharing opinions and ideas with other users and meet new virtual friends. If you are not up to it, then create your own channel.  Go back to the main chat menu, click “host your own channel“ and begin your own chat room affairs. Enjoy!

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